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Turada® Shingles operates all aspects of its forestry operations in accordance with all international and national conventions and regulations. We understand that healthy forestry practices are essential to the longevity of our industry. We support biodiversity and work with local government agencies to promote efficient, low impact logging to ensure sustainable forest management.

Our operation principles conform with all international and national rules and regulations. We protect all species listed by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species and are an environmentally responsible company that believes that wood is truly the only “Green” building material. Turada® produces and/or distributes lumber products that do not require chemical treatment for their exterior applications providing no adverse effects on the environments they are installed in. Our marine products are more durable than conventional options and resistant to marine borers. This equates to less material used and no chemicals in the water.


The great expansion in the trade of wood products, development of new wood products and automation of timber extraction has led to global concerns regarding tropical forest degradation and harvesting practices. National and international bodies have drafted policies to support sustainable forest management.

As well, the international marketplace is becoming increasingly sensitive to the certification of wood products. Global consumers and retailers are increasingly more concerned with the wood products they are purchasing. Guyana’s response to these concerns has been to develop principles, policies and guidelines for improved forest management and timber harvesting practices. This is reflected in their forest policy, forest legislation, forest management guidelines and codes of practice, which you can read below.


Traditionally, sustainable forest management meant that no more timber should be harvested than what would be accumulated naturally between successive cuts thus focusing on yield regulation but not on harvesting methods. Times have since changed with intensive commercial forestry, and sustainable forest management is a key focus for environmental protection and climate change.

Guyana's 13.6 hectares of commercial forests are managed by the Guyana Forestry Commission based on their principles of sustainable forest management including timber production, eco-tourism, watershed protection, conservation and biodiversity. As well, sustainable forest management now recognizes the importance of other products and services provided by the forests, such as protection of water quality, soils, biodiversity, and the livelihood of people that live or work in the forest. Specific objectives of the National Forest Policy (NFP) 1997 are the promotion of sustainable and efficient utilization of the nation’s forest resources for national development and alleviation of poverty; and improving forest production and sustained yield while ensuring the conservation of biodiversity and environmental protection.



Our management team has over 50 years of experience in the production,
procurement, import, distribution and marketing of tropical hardwoods.

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